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Meet Keven Kempton

Kempton Sports is an all indoor baseball/softball facility featuring batting cages, pitching mounds, multi-use turf area and health and fitness center. Kempton Sports' purpose is to provide baseball/softball players with a user friendly experience that captures individual and team needs through a variety of offerings.

keven_familyKeven Kempton is the founder and owner of Kempton Sports. Keven, who pitched for the Matadors of Cal State University Northridge (1992-95) carries with him the values and commitment that made him a successful D1 college pitcher.  Hard work and preparation, dedication and knowledge of the task at hand are the backbone of Kempton’s teachings.

Keven has provided Southern California baseball/softball players with advanced private instruction, coached National Championship teams and watched as his clients compete at the collegiate and professional level.  Keven’s passion and vision for the game inspired him to start Kempton Sports, Inc; Southern California’s complete baseball/softball development choice.

Keven enjoys developing talent, coaching his travel softball team, playing golf and spending time with family and friends.  Keven lives in Pomona with his wife Stephanie and 3 daughters, Gabby (22), Katie (15) and Corinne (10).


KS_BacksideI’ve been blessed by baseball. Throughout my life I’ve had the pleasure of being taught by some of the games most influential figures. With over 30 years of baseball experience, I’ve acquired knowledge from coaches that have touched my life and players that have enhanced it. I want to give something back to the game and the youth that hold the game’s future in their hands.

My baseball experience dates back to the early 1970’s when I was introduced to the game. I fell in love the first time I heard a ball come off the bat; needless to say, I was hooked! I spent my first 7 years letting youth and God-Given talents guide me. At the age of 8, I received my first pitching lesson and learned the importance of a teacher. As I progressed and continued instruction, my skills developed, my mind sharpened and the game became life. I’ve had many teachers along the way, each of them having a lasting effect. These individuals took the time and rewarded me with their patience and knowledge. Thank you!

I’ve had great experiences playing the game. From Sr. Babe Ruth in the San Gabriel Valley, through Junior College at East Los Angeles, to competing at the D1 level while pitching at Cal St. University Northridge. Baseball has afforded me many experiences as I traveled throughout the country and around the world playing the game.

I have been an instructor for over 20 years and continue to develop both baseball and softball players in the areas of pitching, hitting, catching, mental approach and college prep.

Although I’ve encountered some special people along the way, none have influenced me more than the coaches I’ve had throughout my career. From little league, to Sr. Babe Ruth, beyond high school and through college, I’ve been blessed with people who loved to teach.

Now It’s My Turn…


Keven W. Kempton

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