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Kempton Sports is an all indoor baseball/softball facility featuring batting cages, pitching mounds, multi-use turf area and health and fitness center. Kempton Sports' purpose is to provide baseball/softball players with a user friendly experience that captures individual and team needs through a variety of offerings.


Eric Stephens (KS Alumni)

Kempton Sports is dedicated to the development of Baseballs players, from the beginner to professional athlete.  Kempton Sports specializes in Pitching, Hitting, Fielding, Catching, sports specific Conditioning, Speed/Agility and Strength training, as well as the Mental awareness needed to compete at a higher level.






Location: KEMPTON SPORTS FACILITY 1599 Monte Vista Ave, Claremont, CA 91711

Cost:  $20

The Pitchers’ Toolbox”; a series of weekly pitching clinics for boys ages 10-14. The Pitchers’ Toolbox consists of pitching specific drills, techniques and teachings that focus on “Pitching Mechanics”, Health, Safety & Arm Care” and the “Mental Approach” for becoming a better pitcher.

The goal of “The Pitchers Toolbox” is to provide pitchers multiple tools to strengthen their own “Pitching Toolbox” and to teach them the importance of building a foundation upon which to grow and ultimately compete healthier, stronger and at a higher level.

Students will work side-by-side with KS staff including current and former college/professional pitchers who bring a wealth of knowledge through years of dedication, hard work, adversity and experience.





Rob Rassmussen (KS Alumni)

  • Balance is the most important aspect of pitching. Without some sort of balance your body will fight itself through the entire motion causing “Noise or Wasted Movement” as you transfer home.
  • Direction or line is understanding that the fastest way from point A (the mound) to point B (home   plate) is a straight line.
  • Foot Strike or Power Release is when both feet are back on the ground and your kinetic energy can work from the ground up. Using the big muscles in the body (legs) to produce the torque needs for arm whip with less stress on the upper body.
  • Finishing out over the front toe (Through line) to complete the kinetic chain from feet, through the mid section, into the upper body and out the arm and fingers.



  • Safety for todays youth is paramount for longevity. Proper mechanics play a large role in the health of a pitcher.
  • Conditioning the right body parts to sustain and otherwise violent, torqueing motion requires a well thought out program tailored to each individual depending on age, body tight and experience level.
  • Arm care mirrors conditioning and consists of knowing your body, its limits and how to “Pre-Hap” between throwing off the mound.




Nick Turley (KS Alumni)

  • The “Game within the game”, Understanding your strengths and your opponents weaknesses.
  • Pitch sequences, getting ahead of the batter and staying in control of the at bat.
  • Controlling that which you can control (YOU) not letting outside influences dictate the outcome of your pitch, hence the game (weather, field conditions, errors).
  • Pre planning your outing, studying hitters, understand the importance of “Pounding” the strike zone.


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